Listed below are my various publication credits with useable links to material. Last updated: August 10, 2015.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

In Print

  • “‘Yo Protesto!’: Pro-Puerto Rican Anti-Vietnam War and Pro-Independence Protests.” Penumbra: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Critical and Creative Inquiry. Vol. 2. Spring 2015. <>.
  • “Star-Spangled Lyrics: The Cultural and Historical Importance of Analyzing Popular American War Songs.” The International Journal of Communication & Linguistic Studies, Vol.10.4. 31-51. 2013. [link to issue].
  • “Stalemate or Cultural Crossroad?: Exploring U.S. ‘Systems’ in the Vietnam War.” Interdisciplinary Humanities. Vol. 30.2. 100-11. Summer 2013. [link to issue].
  • “Disputed Worlds: Performances of Heritage in Cusco’s Tourism Economy.” Rupkatha Online Interdisciplinary Studies of Humanities Journal, Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2011-2012, 419-25. <>.
  • “’The Ballad of the Green Berets’ Fails ‘My Son John’: Change in the Mythology of the American Soldier during the Vietnam War.” [Inter]sections: Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal of American Studies by the University of Bucharest, Vol. 4, No. 14, April/June 2011. 10-13.

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

  • “‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (But There Will Be a Soundtrack): Exploring 20th and 21st Century Revolt through Popular Music.” Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible. Inter-Disciplinary Press. ISBN: 978-1-84888-347-5. 2015.
  • “‘National Advisory: Explicit Lyrics’: Considering Censorship of Anti-Vietnam War Era Songs.” Words and Music. Cambridge Scholars Press, January 8, 2013. 115-126. ISBN: 1443849162.
  • “Not Just a Change of Style: the Americana Commentary of the Grateful Dead’s Workingman’s Dead.” The Grateful Dead in Concert: Essays on Live Improvisation. MacFarland & Company, February 9, 2010. 118-126. ISBN: 078644357X.

Creative Publications


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